Thoughts on Breaking the Story into Three Parts?

Hello again! I have a poll running on my twitter, but I wanted feedback here as well. 

So, even after eliminating a lot of stuff that isn't essential (as per the CG discussion earlier), I still have a lot of art to make for Red-Handed Robin. It turns out I'm bad at estimating how long it takes to do things T-T Backgrounds are a killer.

BUT! A large portion of what I need is for the tail end of the story. I'm toying with the idea of breaking the game into 3 parts instead of 2.

If I did that, the next part would come out fairly soon, and the wait between part 2 and 3 would be way less than the wait between parts 1 and 2.

I'm not 100% sure if that's what I want to do yet, so I'm interested to hear what people would prefer. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks again for being understanding as I fumble my way through this. I'm still learning a lot about my own process and limitations, but it's been a great distraction from the world. 

Anyway, here's another BG (this time from a Jay flashback) + a wip of mini Wren's sprite-

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I don't mind either way, whatever makes the most sense for you. I will likely be replaying from part 1 again anyway, to refresh my memory. If there are cliffhangers involved I'd  prefer to wait for it all together! But if part 3 would come out soonish anyway, then that is fine too. 😁


There will be a cliffhanger at the end of part 2 of I break it into three... but part 3 wouldn't be too far off!


I think it's a good idea! 

Thanks for the input!


3 parts sounds fine to me! plus, it would tide everyone over until the 3rd part I'd imagine

Thanks for the feedback!


I don't really mind

I guess if the story is going to be released in parts I would prefer them to be similar in length


If i broke them up, part 2 would be slightly longer, but parts 1 and 3 would be similar in length. Thanks for the feedback!


Then 3 parts is good for me!


So I'd honestly rather wait and get the rest of the story in one go, I'm not a huge fan of episodic releases in general.


I'm not fond of them either, which is why I wanted to get an idea of how others feel about it. Right now I'm still leaning towards finishing the game before releasing, even if i takes a little while longer. Thanks for the input!


Honestly, do whatever is easiest for you as a dev! I myself am terrible at estimating when something will get finished haha. If splitting it into 3 parts will be easiest for you and satisfy your flow with the development, go for it! If you prefer to wait for everything to be done in one go, that's fine too! I'm cool with whichever route you go~ I'm probably gonna play it more than once anyway ^^


I appreciate it! I'm still feeling out what I want to do, but everyone's feedback has been helpful so far.