Part 2 Released!

I know I said I'd release on Friday, but everything wrapped up earlier than I expected, and I got too excited. So part 2 is now available for download now!

A few quick things about saves from the previous version:

  • As far as I've tested, saves from the previous Part 1 build will carry over as long as you didn't save on the "To be Continued" screen. If you try to load from the "To be Continued" screen, the game will end.
  • The skip function considered all text to be unread, even though I had previously run through part 1 before loading the part 2 game. I don't know if this will be the case for everyone, or just me. If you're unable to skip and you want to go through parts you've already read, you'll have to toggle the "skip unread text" option on the preferences screen.

There are 4 endings in part 2 -Jay and Wren both have one bad ending, and one pseudo ending that continues the story in part 3.

And that's about it! This time I was able to get the game proofread before releasing, but I'm sure there will still be typos missed. If you find one, feel free leave a comment here, or contact me on my other social media:

I hope everyone enjoys part 2! I'm going to start working on part 3, and will continue to post updates on it's progress here (as well as my other social media). 

I'll be keeping an eye on itch for the rest of the evening,  but if anything comes up in the middle of the night, I likely won't see it until tomorrow morning, so... fingers crossed that doesn't happen!

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Sorry, I'm a bit confused about the endings: if there is only one that continues into part 3, does that mean that ending up on Jay's path vs Wren's path at the end of part one doesn't matter?  Or are there two separate routes in part 2 but they just end at the same place?

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ah sorry, I wasn’t sure how to word it. Jay and Wren do have separate paths that will give you different scenes , but will end at the same place. So I  guess technically there are 4 endings. I’ll try to make that more clear in my post!